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How to be a Seller


Hong Kong Auctions Limited welcomes submission of items to sell at auction.


Currently we are not accepting individual items for sale. We welcome those single consignors with collections in excess of HK$1 million.


1- Please send details of items including as many details as possible, descriptions, values, history to


2- Our experts shall guide you along the way and provide you with estimates as to potential value at auction.


3- Once a decision to consign has been made a simple agreement is signed and the next step is the auction.


Hong Kong Auctions Ltd offers competitive sellers commission rates and prompt payment.




How to be a Bidder


1- Register. Online or in person at least 30 minutes prior to the auction.

Please provide ID (HKID, Passport or Drivers licence) and contact details. You will be assigned a numbered Bid card.


2- Attend our Auction Preview:

Decide which items you are interested in and make a note of the Lot number.

Alternatively check out our website for lot details.


3- Bid on the items you are interested in. Remember to bid fast. Lots will be sold very quickly.


4- Once you are a successful bidder then proceed to the cashier’s office.

A  Buyers Premium will be added. This will be indicated on the Terms and Conditions.

Payment methods accepted; Cash, Cheque, Credit cards – Visa, MasterCard and Amex.


5- Delivery/collection of purchased lots shall be made after full payment has been received.


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