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Charity Auctions

As Hong Kong's Number One Charity Auctioneer Hong Kong Auctions are able to make your Charity auction a Success.
What we provide:
1- Professional Auctioneer.  

Our Auctioneer, Brian Hodgson has been conducting Charity auctions in Hong Kong since 2001.  He has conducted more auctions than any other in the region and brings fun and excitement to your event.  Having a Professional auctioneer involved will certainly help raise more bids and money and just as importantly ensure that your guests wish to return to your event next year!   Our company is able to advise on all aspects of your auction, from the planning stage to the event and post-event as well.  We are able to advise on how to solicit items from your supporters for auction or work with companies who can provide items to auction. 
2- Professional MC
As well as being an auctioneer Brian Hodgson is also a Professional Speaker and MC. He has been a Toastmaster for 40 Years and represented Hong Kong is various regional contests. He was also a Past TV chat show host and knows how to engage an audience. As a MC he is in much demand for his quick wit and fun style. He is able to handle any MC work has worked with many charities including Rotary and several Chambers of Commerce. He was most recently the MC at TED Talks in Hong Kong.  
3- Online Auctions 
To maximize the amount raised for your Charity we are able to offer online auctions. These allow your guests to preview items before your event and also to let those who cannot attend place bids beforehand.
We understand auctions and our aim is to make them stress-free for you and raise money for your charity.
Give us a call for a free consultation.- Call +852 29152155

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