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Iñigo Zobel brings home his P44-Million Zobel in a dramatic Tour de Force at León Gallery

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Iñigo Zobel brings home his P44-Million Zobel in a dramatic Tour de Force at León Gallery

By Ces Oreña Drilon

In the usually opaque world of art, identities are shielded behind numbers on paddles and the anonymity of phone and online bidding. Last Saturday, at the León Gallery Magnificent September Auction, the unexpected happened. One of the country’s wealthiest men, Iñigo Zobel made a dramatic appearance on the auction floor to bid for a personal treasure.

A very special early work by the painter Fernando Zóbel , entitled “Siga-Siga”, was on the block. It was special not only because it had once been in the collection of Enrique “EZ” Zobel, who is a nephew of the artist and the man who had charted the bold expansion of Ayala Corporation in the 1970s, but also because the work was part of Zobel’s first exhibit at the Philippine Art Gallery. It was shown alongside the “Carozza,” the gold prize winner for modern painting in the Art Association of the Philippines competition in 1953, a year after the exhibition. This famous opus was later donated by the artist to the Ateneo Art Gallery in 1961.

As one of the elusive series from Zobel’s very first one-man exhibit at the legendary Philippine Art Gallery, it was surrounded by its own incredible mystique. “Siga-Siga” depicted a cocky cigarette vendor, from the Manila sidewalks, blackened by the sun and arms defiantly akimbo. Some said it was a metaphor for the brash atmosphere of the Philippines in the mid-century. The work, with its verve and raw simplicity, is as relevant in 2022, as it was 70 years ago when it was painted.

Connoisseurs would debate weeks after its arrival on the pages of the León auction catalogue whether it was truly the best of its kind and if it would trump the multi-millions paid for Zobel’s highly desirable “Saeta” abstracts.

Rumors that the Zobels themselves would make a run for the work were rife; the Zobel family, however, is well-known for their discretion and playing their cards extremely close to the chest. Nothing could be confirmed. It was said that certain members of the clan searched high and low for the work, even consulting the maestro of advisers, the scholar Ramon N. Villegas as to its whereabouts shortly before his demise.

“Siga-Siga” was Lot 123 in a field of 161 others and the day had already yielded several world records including one for what many consider the Philippines’ first and foremost abstract painter, Hernando R. Ocampo. Lot 23, the early HR piece, dated 1955 turned out to fetch the record for the auction. ‘Fifty-Five “A”’ sold for PHP 47,888,000.

But the Fernando Zobel “Siga-Siga” opus stole the thunder that day!

Almost exactly 10 lots before, Iñigo Zobel, son of Enrique, strode into the room, alone, dressed in jeans, dark glasses, and a fatigue-green jacket. It looked like he was ready for combat. He took a position in a chair in the very middle of the auction space and sat unaccompanied while the crowd went reverentially silence.

Auction participants recall a bevy of guards from Leon Gallery ushering Iñigo in and one hearing a convoy of back up cars outside the gallery entrance.

As bidding for “Siga-Siga” was announced open, the audience burst into cheers and wild applause, anticipating a battle royale. Starting at P10 million, a series of phone bids volleyed the prices skyward. Zobel remained quiet until the bidding reached P20M, when the paddle he was holding with the no. 66 went up.

The exchange of bids went up to P32 million in quick succession when it seemed to slow, finally moving to its last place, in favor of Iñigo Zobel. The room exploded when the hammer went down at P38 million or P44 million with buyer’s premium. Several people rushed over to congratulate him right before he slipped off after bidding for the piece.

Overheard after his victory, Zobel noted, “I want you to know that this painting belonged to me. It was given to me by my mother. It hung in my room. My father sold it.”

The aftermath of an auction is always full of analysis of what the day’s prices mean — or do not mean? One well-known collector said, “I was certain that this stupendous work would go for at least P50 million. But I have very good information that when one other very serious bidder heard that he was bidding against Iñigo, he opted out of the race.”

Two days after the dramatic auction, Iñigo Zobel tells me over the phone, when I asked what prompted him to personally bid for the work, in a “siga-siga” fashion, akin to the work he was set on reclaiming; his voice still betrayed the thrill of the chase, “I have searched 20-25 years for that painting. My mother gave it to me when my parents were still together.” There were no ifs or buts, he just had to be there to lay his claim.

When Iñigo’s parents separated and his mother moved to Spain, his father Enrique, sold their house in Forbes Park, which was right beside the house of Iñigo’s grand-uncle Fernando (the artist’s home now belongs to Iñigo’s cousin Fernando.) Iñigo recalled how he would watch his grand uncle paint in that house when he was growing up, “I was very close to him.” He would also spend summers in Cuenca, Spain where his mother lived and where his grand-uncle had a studio in a two-storey home they all shared together. Iñigo’s mother Roció was very close to his Tio Fernando, “Maybe even closer than my father. They lived in the same world – Art,” he confides.

After the separation, EZ sold the house, some pieces of furniture and art works, Iñigo explains, “he wasn’t very attached to them, they were more my mother’s taste. They then moved to Alabang, as his father explained to him, “we had to move there as we were developing that area.” Iñigo was then away at boarding school and never saw the painting again. “I heard it was acquired for PHP30,000 at that time. “

But his search for the elusive painting never stopped. About a decade ago, he came across a photo of their old lanai where a study of the “Siga-Siga” had been hung. As word got out about his treasure hunt, Iñigo eventually acquired the study through Jaime Ponce de Leon, owner and founder of Leon Gallery. Jaime managed to zero in on the piece overseas! In 2012, Jaime sold the study to Iñigo. He was finally closing in! But it was not until about five years ago that Iñigo set eyes on the masterpiece itself. A close friend brought him to the home of a lady, who owned the work. But alas, she didn’t want to part with it. “She said maybe someday,” Iñigo recalls, “ I waited long enough so I said to myself what’s a little more time.”

Then last month, the catalog of the Leon Gallery September auction was sent out featuring the elusive painting on the cover! “Siga-Siga” had a floor price of PHP10M. Iñigo remembers that day, “there is no ceiling. I would have tripled that amount.” In the end, he paid more, PHP44M with the buyer’s premium. He laughs, “I just received my bill and now I have to cough up! “

PHP44M is the third highest a Zobel piece fetched at an auction and the highest for a non-abstract work. Zobel is renowned for his abstractions. Serendipitously, starting this November 15, the Prado Museum in Madrid will open an exhibition of Fernando Zobel. The exhibition is part of a program where the museum opens its doors to contemporary art. Zóbel will be celebrated alongside an exhibition on Pablo Picasso and El Greco. Entitled Fernando Zóbel and the History of Art, the exhibit will run from November 15, 2022 to March 5, 2023, and will feature a dialogue of the author’s sketchbooks “in which, starting from the classic copy, he ends up building his own abstract imaginary.”

The Siga-Siga painting will have a special place in a new home Iñigo is building in Makati, but for now it will be hung in his bedroom just like it did when he was young.

“I am really happy I got it. That it’s back with me. It’s very emotional. There is a lot of history. It’s very special, “ Iñigo says.

At the end of the day, art is not just about the relationship between paint and canvas but also the relationship between collectors — past, present and future — as they renew those connections.

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Hong Kong charity auction raises HK$41,000 for Operation Santa Claus Event was part of a special edition of RTHK radio programme ‘Money Talk’ Items up for grabs included vintage wines and hotel packages

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More than HK$41,000 (US$5,265) has been raised during a charity auction for Operation Santa Claus, the annual fundraising project organised by the South China Morning Post and public broadcaster RTHK.

The event, which comprised an online bidding session and a separate on-site auction, took place at the Oolaa Petite restaurant in Wan Chai.

It was part of a special edition of the radio programme “Money Talk”, presented by Peter Lewis from RTHK.

As bidders battled for more than 20 lots of goodies, including vintage wines and hotel packages, the radio host talked to some of the supporters and beneficiaries of Operation Santa Claus who were invited to the programme.


Liza Green, head of Credit Suisse’s corporate citizenship programmes in the Asia-Pacific, said in the pre-recorded session that employees at the financial services firm had taken part in local charity work.

The company had also been a long-time supporter of Operation Santa Claus.

This year, 13 organisations, including groups that help disadvantaged children and senior citizens, were selected to benefit from the year-end campaign.


Lewis said he was delighted by the turnout at the auction, which took place at the Star Street restaurant on December 10.

“We are happy to see so many people open their wallets and donate to a very good cause,” he said.

The lots, donated by multiple companies and individuals, fetched a total of HK$41,600.

All funds raised from the auction will go to Operation Santa Claus.

Nick Holmes, who placed a bid on a batch of premium wines and won it, said he had a lot of fun, while auctioneer Brian Hodgson said he enjoyed managing the event.

“There are a lot of people who want to help charity and there is always a good atmosphere,” he said.

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Business Ladies Association , Hong Kong , Handbag Auction

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The Business Lady Assoication ( BLA ) held a Charity Handbag auction on the 9th December 2019 at a bar in Lan Kwai Fong.  The event was called " Give the Gift of Love " in aid of tow childrens charties.  The bar was full with many happy bidders and a substantial amount raised for the charities, the highes bid was Hong Kong Dollars thirty thousand for a Hermes bag. 

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Barrioquinto, BenCab, Zobel reign at León Auction

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Two of the most sought-after contemporary artists  Buen Calubayan and Andres Barrioquinto both set world records at the León Gallery Kingly Treasures Auction last weekend.


Ponce de Leon further noted, “Barrioquinto appeals to a wide market, both foreign and local. His impressive skill is coupled by his brilliant choices of subject matter that is both cerebral and whimsical. These are the key ingredients to what makes a great painting.” His grand opus titled “Procession” depicts a peacock-masked princess astride a sinewy white horse. This massive piece, measuring five by seven feet, soared to P17.5 million at auction, inclusive of buyer’s premium.


See PhilStar article here 

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Filipino Map of All Maps sells for USD 900,000

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My honour to auction this most important map of great historical importance.


MANILA, Philippines — The “Holy Grail” of Philippine maps, the Murillo Velarde Map of 1734, has surfaced at León Gallery as an important highlight of its Magnificent September Auction on Sept. 14.

The map is certainly the country’s most famous as a result of the submission of one other copy to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague on the matter of Panatag or Scarborough Shoal, shown as “Panacot” on the map. 

The seminal work “Philippine Cartography 1320 – 1899,” recently edited by Dr. Carlos Madrid, declared how this landmark map “became the iconic representation of the historical position of the Philippine republic, thus imbuing the map with inordinate importance and international relevance.”

Furthermore, Dr. Madrid emphasized, “the court clearly affirmed that historical cartography evidences a connection between Scarborough Shoal and the Philippine mainland.”

Jaime Ponce de Leon, director of León Gallery, said that he had been in pursuit of the Murillo Velarde Map of 1734 from “a very distinguished private collector” for several years. It was only this year, however, that the owner finally decided to share it with the collecting world and send it to a new home.

The Murillo Velarde Map is historically important not only because it influenced several generations of the world’s map-makers but also provided an important record of the Philippines, its seas and moreover, the people of our country. It was also the culmination of two centuries of map-making and was the most accurate till then and long after.

According to the “Mapping the Philippine Seas” catalogue, produced by the Philippine Map Collectors Society, the map “shows coasts, towns and interior topography, and is also a sea chart with a stylized sun as the center point and four compass roses at the cardinal points of the hidden circle formed by intersecting rhumb lines. Two tracks for the Manila Galleon are shown, one around the north of Luzon and the other through the San Bernardino Strait, as well as the routes taken by Ferdinand Magellan and for trading with China.”

The entire work was engraved and printed by Nicolas de la Cruz Bagay, who was responsible for producing some two dozen books for the Jesuits in the Philippines. Other illustrations were intricately drawn by Francisco Suarez. Both he and De la Cruz Bagay signed and described themselves as “Indio Tagalog.”

Moreover, it is “not only the map’s size, accuracy, detail and aesthetics but also its twelve exquisite engravings to be found on its two side panels.”

It is these vignettes or ‘tarjetones’ that make the complete Murillo map a marvel to behold. They illustrate the various inhabitants of these islands, country life, exotic animals such as bats, crocodiles and snakes, as well as the plans of Zamboanga, Cavite, Guam and Old Manila.

The map and these panels were engraved on eight copper plates. They were captured by the English when they occupied Manila from 1762 to 1764 and taken to England supposedly as war booty where they were deposited at the Admiralty. These precious plates are now nowhere to be found, and have been theorized “to have been rubbed down and re-used” in the 19th century to make other maps.

Complete original copies, including the vignettes, are therefore exceedingly rare and are to be found in the most important repositories, including the National Library of Spain, the National Library of France, the Library of Congress in Washington and, now, in a handful of private collections in the Philippines.


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The One Awards Dinner- May 2019

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Always happy to help my friend Dr. David Harilela the Founder of The One,  a Humanitarian award supported by Rotary International.  A most rewarding evening when we get to hear about the great which individuals do everyday. 


Picture:  Movie star ( Ip Man ) Donnie Yen at the auction.

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RTHK3 Money Talk Operation Santa Claus Charity Auction

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Luxury holiday package, fine wine up for grabs during auction in aid of Operation Santa Claus -  see story here   

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Ringside at the auction - December 2018 Manila

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News of how the Bonaficio papers were sold.
 see here
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Bonifacio flag sold for P9.3M

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Bonifacio flag sold for P9.3M

By: Lito B. Zulueta - Arts and Books Editor / @LitoZulueta

Philippine Daily Inquirer / 07:22 AM September 10, 2018

AUCTION ITEM Andres Bonifacio’s “personal flag” was auctioned off by Leon Gallery on Saturday. The hero’s wife, Gregoria de Jesus, gave the flag as a gift to Antonio Santos Bautista in 1931,which was passed on to Bautista’s descendant Dez Bautista.

Despite a last-minute appeal from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) to stop Saturday’s auction, the “personal flag” of Katipunan founder and revolutionary Andres Bonifacio, sewn by his wife, Gregoria de Jesus, was sold by Leon Gallery for P9.3 million.

The final bid for the relic was more than nine times the floor price of P1 million.


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Botong Francisco joins ‘Million-Dollar Club’ at León Gallery Auction

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Botong Francisco joins ‘Million-Dollar Club’ at León Gallery Auction


Lisa Guerrero Nakpil (The Philippine Star) - September 17, 2018 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — Carlos “Botong” Francisco’s romantic “Nose Flute” finally catapulted this National Artist to the exclusive circle called the “Million-Dollar Club,” composed of artists who command a cool seven-figure at auction. The “Nose Flute” reaped P63 million, including buyer’s premium, at the León Gallery Magnificent September Auction 2018 last week.

Once the property of the family of the Lovina-Palileo since the 1950s, it changed hands for the first time in half a century at a One East Larasati Hong Kong auction in 2012 at P28 million. The work went to an important Asian collection, a testament to the genius of the Angono poet of the paintbrush and his appeal across the region. That collector, who remained anonymous, noted, “Glad to see Filipinos pay the respect to Botong Francisco he richly deserves.”


Ang Kiukok’s “Second Station: Jesus Carries His Cross” was auctioned off for P11.7 million.

Botong finally ascended to the heights, alongside Dean José Jose, for “Space Transfiguration” and Ang Kiukok, for “Fishermen.” Daniel Komala of One East Larasati added, the “Nose Flute” “received a proper hero’s welcome.” The masterpiece is now officially the third most expensive painting to be sold in the Philippines.


Jaime Ponce de Leon said that “fierce bidding for the work made it the most hotly contested painting” at the Magnificent September Auction, “primarily because it is widely regarded as the last of its kind, in massive size, with undeniable Botong theme, and impeccable provenance.”


“Dalaga” by Fernando Amorsolo — which once hung in the home of his namesake Fernando Zóbel — went for a whisper below P10 million.

Another Joya, the superb “Carnival” —which was a vista of the master’s favorite luscious colors — took in P25.7 million. The work was acquired directly from the artist, as was another splendid work, “Saeta 52” by Fernando Zóbel, which has been described as one of only 10 of this large scale. “Saeta 52” was last seen at the legendary Philippine Art Gallery in 1958.

Billionaire-artist Alfonso Ossorio’s memento to his fallen comrade, the mercurial Jackson Pollock, fetched P23.4 million. It was finished after Pollock met his death while on the way to Ossorio’s Eden-like mansion: The Creeks, in East Hampton. Adding to its allure is that two similar works are now part of the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.


Maura Malang’s works “White Sun” fetched just over P9.3 million.

Several Manansala works, starting with the highly evocative “Pila sa Bigas,” achieved P15.2 million; while an emerald-hued depiction of a pair of “Sabungeros” took home P14 million. Cesar Legaspi’s “Workers” from 1953 did P3.5 million; while a couple of “Stations of the Cross” by Ang Kiukok were sold at P11.7 million and P9.3 million, respectively, for the second and 10th devotions.

An adorably charming “Dalaga” by Fernando Amorsolo — that had once hung in the home of his namesake Fernando Zóbel — went for a whisper below P10 million.


Andres Bonifacio’s personal flag, given as a gift by his grateful widow to Don Antonio Santos Bautista of Malolos, Bulacan, fetched P9.3 million

Andres Bonifacio’s personal flag, given as a gift by his grateful widow to Don Antonio Santos Bautista of Malolos, Bulacan, achieved P9.3 million. Military insignia designed by Juan Luna for his brother Hen. Antonio Luna scooped up P5.1 million along with other memorabilia that belonged to the general and the revolutionary army. The guiding principles or “Ten Commandments of the KKK” written by Andres Bonifacio, which one historian described as written in his own blood, came in at just under P3 million.

Lee Aguinaldo’s “White City,” from the collection of distinguished gallerist Sylvana Diaz, went for P4.2 million. Maura Malang’s works “White Sun” accomplished just over P9 million; with P5.8 million for “Candle Vendors.” BenCab’s “Family” came in at just under P5 million.


“Ang Plastik Mo!” by Ronald Ventura (P5,840,000)

Jose John Santos III’s “Queen of the House” went for P2.3 Million and Ronald Ventura’s “Shield” and “Ang Plastik Mo,” brought in P5.4 million and P5.8 million, respectively. Mark Justiniani continued his winning streak with P2.1million for “Mag-Aaral.”


“Mag-aaral” by Mark Justiniani (P2,102,400)


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Joya painting breaks records at auction, sells for P112M

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MANILA -- From a starting bid of P22 million, Jose Joya’s 1959 abstract work “Space Transfiguration” was sold for P112 million Saturday at the Leon Gallery Auction in Makati. 

It set a record for the highest price ever paid for art in the Philippines at auction, according to Leon Gallery director Jaime Ponce de Leon. It also set a world record for the biggest amount of money ever paid for Philippine modern art at auction. 

Until Saturday, Ang Kiukok’s “The Fisherman” was the most expensive painting ever sold at auction in the country, fetching P65,408,00 at Leon in June 2017. 

“Space Transfiguration” sold at a hammer price of P96 million at the four-hour event. There was early speculation that Phoenix Petroleum president and CEO Dennis Uy ended up buying the Joya but the person who usually buys for Mr. Uy said the tycoon is not really into abstracts. 

Ponce De Leon said he is not allowed to disclose the identity of the winning bidder who sent his bids via phone. 

Of the 150 lots, bidding for this particular Joya clocked in the longest at an estimated 20 minutes. 

Two other works from the National Artist were also auctioned: the 1982 “Morning Flight” sold for P1 million from a starting price of P400,000; and “Zen Imagery,” an acrylic collage from 1981, which had a starting bid of P4 million, sold for just P672,000 more. 

Inspired by NASA’s first attempt to reach the moon, the prized “Space Transfiguration” is believed to be Joya’s favorite and, as per the auction notes, “the one work he refused to part with.” The 60” x 70” oil on canvas work did not make it to the painter’s Venice Biennale stint in 1962 for the simple reason that it couldn’t fit the aircraft door.

Art critic Alice Guillermo once suggested the piece marks an essential period in the evolution of Joya’s career in that it started his experimentations towards larger works. It won a prize at the Art Association of the Philippines Annual Exhibition and Competition the year it was made, and was previously in the care of Joya’s sister Josefa J. Baldovino. 

Joya died in 1995

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Kiukok Painting sold for a record P65M at Philippine auction

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A waiting Independence Day last June 10 at Leon Gallery’s “Spectacular Midyear Auction,” Ang Kiukok’s “Fishermen” became the most expensive Philippine artwork ever sold in the country. “The price achieved for the Ang Kiukok broke all records,” says Leon Gallery director Jaime Ponce de Leon. Kiukok’s 1981 easel painting sold for a staggering P65,408,000.

The auction, attended by roughly 300 guests, was one of the most awaited in the local art market. Curated by Ramon N. Villegas and Lisa Guerrero Nakpil, the auction saw some of the greatest names in Philippine art — Ang Kiukok, Vicente Manansala, Jose Joya, Fabian dela Rosa, and Fernando Zobel — go under the hammer.

In 2015, the highest price for Philippine art was set by the same gallery, for Anita Magsaysay-Ho’s oil-on-canvas work titled “Fish Harvest at Dawn.” The 1979 painting fetched a hammer price of P52,560,000.

Kiukok’s 40 x 80-inch piece was the largest painting by the artist to enter the market. Its subject, fishermen reaping their bounty, showed the National Artist’s penchant for portraying the common man in a style that fused cubism with expressionism. Yet more curiously, under a red sun, the three angled forms similarly seem to spell out the artist’s name.

“Critics believe that the best output of Ang Kiukok was (done in) the early1980s,” says Ponce de Leon. An art patron, the previous owner of the painting has chosen to donate all the proceeds to charity.

The auction had similarly set a record for National Artist Vicente Manansala. “Pila sa Bigas,” a major 36 x 48 work of the cubist painter, fetched P30,368,000, the highest paid for a Manansala in the Philippines and the second highest internationally. “The highest amount paid was for the Manansala work, ‘Tiangge,’ which sold for just slightly more at P30,660,350 at the recent sale in Hong Kong in April,” says Ponce de Leon.

Fabian dela Rosa’s “Women Weaving Hats,” which fetched P30,368,000 at the auction, broke the record set by Singapore in 2000 for Dela Rosa’s “Planting Rice.” The work was owned by George O’Brien, an actor who had made his name in Hollywood with silent films and cowboy movies. The actor had apparently visited Asian countries with John Ford before the war. Evocative of pastoral life in a bygone era, “Women Weaving Hats” draws attention to the textures of the materials depicted in the work: the bamboo floor, the capiz windows, the fibers of the hats, and the colorful sayas blooming like flowers in the quiet space.

Other notable works sold at the auction included Joya’s “Carcass” for P19,856,000, Zobel’s “Zurbaran SL - II”  for P7,592,000, Francisco’s “The Alejandro ‘Anding’ Roces Doors” for P3,504,000, and Tampinco’s “The Maximo Viola Bed” for P4,672,000.

“Leon Gallery strives to obtain the highest level of scholarship in the establishment of authenticity in the artworks it sells,” says Ponce de Leon.  “We refer to respective experts on particular artists as well as do our own research on tracing impeccable provenances.”

The gallery is set to hold its “Magnificent September Auction” on Sept. 9 and its online auction on July 29. If their midyear sale is any indication, local art is enjoying a stronger market, with more patrons raring to bid for the country’s covetable classics.


Brian Hodgson was the auctioneer.


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South Island Art Auction

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December 10th 2016 - South Island Art Auction - the first home grown art auction . Selected western and asian contempoary art from galleries in the South Island Art District held its first auction of 50 lots.  The next auction is planned for June 2017 

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How to be an Auctioneer - Interview on RTHK3

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December 9th 2016 -  Studio inrterview on RTHK3 about being an auctioneer and promotion of Operation Santa Charity Auction

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Contemporary Art Auction - Manila - Record bids

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Dec 2nd 2016 -  Auctioneer at  The Kingly Treasures Auction 2016, a truly successful one. From classical masterworks and contemporary icons, this breathtaking sale was definitely one to remember.

Breaking new boundaries, Buen Calubayan’s “Bundok Banahaw 4” has set a new world record for the artist selling at a stunning P 3,036,800.

Among the original Thirteen Moderns, Galo Ocampo has captivated the 
audience once more with his “Stations of the Cross Crucifix” coming in at an awesome P 2,920,000, a world record for the artist.

Already among the most prominent names, Benedicto Cabrera has once again proved well with his showing – his “Tres Marias” selling at a startling 
P 28,032,000.

Another record-breaking piece, Romeo Tabuena’s “Man wih Rooster and Bag” comes in at an astounding P 3.153,600 - making it the highest selling work by the artist to date.

Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo’s timeless “La Inocencia” was the highlight of the night, coming in at P 40,880,000, a world record for the 19th Century master at auction.

Fernando Zobel, H.R. Ocampo, and Ang Kiukok also had excellent showings as “Saeta #248” came in at P 7,592,000, “55-G The Wall” at P 17,520,000 and “Fishermen” at P 14,016,000.

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Charity Handbag Auction

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November 25th 2016 -Renaisance Hotel, Hong Kong 

A very sucessful Charity handbag auction for the Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile. Over HK$80,000 was raised and plenty of fun auctioning over 80 bags. 

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Charity Auction for Pathfinders

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On a auction "box" raising dollars for the less fortunate served by the Charity Pathfinders .  

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Magnificent September Auction - Manila

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The Magnificent September Auction 2016, with the first curated auction "Two Navels,” a great success. From classical 
masterworks and contemporary icons, this breathtaking sale was definitely one to remember.

Breaking a world record is Elmer Borlongan - with Quiapo, his colossal 
masterpiece, selling for an astounding P 9,928,000, trumping his previously set record also by Leon Gallery earlier this year.

Among the rarities that highlighted the sale was Carlos 'Botong' Francisco's Kalantiao at Lubluban. The historical piece by the National Artist came in at a whopping P 30,368,000 - the highest selling piece this sale.

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Record Bids at Manila Art Auction - December 2015

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World records bids for artists Zigger Cruz and Romulo Olazzo at Leon Gallery Auction in Manila on December 6th 2015. 


Jigger Cruz (b.1984)

Blares of the Opposite

Starting Bid PHP 900,000  Hammer Price and Premium = PHP 6,716,000


Romulo Olazo (1934-2015)

Starting Bid PHP 2,000,000 Hammer Price and Premium PHP 5,840,000


Full results here 


Auctioneer Brian Hodgson.

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Record Bids at Art Auction - Manila September 2015- Auctioneer Brian Hodgson

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Brian Hodgson was again breaking world records as auctioneer at the Contemporary Art Auction held in Manila, September 2015.



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Record Bids at Manila Art Auction- Feb 2015

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Record bids at Leon Gallery Auction, Manila, Philppines. 

Auctioneer Brian Hodgson was pleased to accept some record bids for several lots in at the auctions on Feb 6th and Feb 7th 2015.


On the 6th was a exclusive auction entitled the "The Jim and Reed Pfeufer Collection- A four decade friendship with Fernando Zobel "  Highest bid of the evening was for the lot entitled - Garden Window with a Trumpet selling for

P 32,700,400.


On the 7th there was a most vibrant atmosphere and as usual a great turnout , standing room only. Highest bids were for:

Hernando R. Ocampo (1911 - 1978)

A Sonata for September

P 10,512,000


Anita Magsaysay-Ho (1914 - 2012)

Baskets III

P 11,680,000


Benedicto Cabrera (1942)


P 15,768,000


Next auction at Leon Galley will be in June 2015. 

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Gromit Auction Videos

siga-siga Zobel leon_edited_edited_edited.png

Gromit Auction Sept 25th 2014


Great media coverage on TV.  Including Reuters TV, CCTV, Daily Mail News, and more



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Gromit Unleased Charity Auction

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Gromit Unleashed Charity Auction held at  Sky100, ICC , Kowloon.

70 Gromits were auctioned for two childrens charitys. 

Bids were made from all over the world online and together with those at the venue


TV Interviews


CCTV         Click Here



New Tang TV     Click Here 




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Records Set at Auction in Manila !

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Records Set at Auction in Manila !

Leon Gallery-
Brian Hodgson conducted a mammoth auction, calling 5 1/2 hours non-stop.  

Record price for Filipino National Artist - Benedicto Cabrera ( Ben Cab) "Sabel" which sold for 17 Million pesos. 


All lots 153 lots on offer were sold with very competive bidding on each one. 

Other artists work included - Fernando Zobel, Ang Kiukok, Vicente Manansala, Lee Aguinaldo and Fernando Amorsolo.  

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The Glorious Easter Auction - Manila , March 22nd 2014

siga-siga Zobel leon_edited_edited_edited.png

Another record sale at Leon Galleries quartely Fine Art auction. 

Five hours of furious bidding from those in the room , on telephone and Internet.

Many of the National Artists work were on offer and a 99% sale rate was achived with record prices for many lots. 

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Rotary Club Kowloon Golden Mile Annual Ball

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The Annual Ball of the Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile was held on March 15th 2014 at the Shangri-la Hotel , Kowloon , Hong Kong.

This years theme was a NIght in Rio and the ball was a great sucess and enjoyed by all.

As usual Rotarian and Professional Auctioneer Brian Hodgson crreated a great deal of excitement and bids during the live auction. This years items included a VIP package at Cannes Film Festival.  All funds raised went towards the charities the club supports.

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HK Juvenile Inaugural Fund Raising Ball

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Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association Tuesday 8th May 2007


Inaugural Fund Raising Event , Brian Hodgson acted as the auctioneer and was on the look out for bids ! Thankfully there was many and the event was a great success for the Charity.

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FIERCE, VIBRANT BIDDING. British auction master Brian Hodgson accepts a bid for BenCab’s “Barefoot Gentleman.”

siga-siga Zobel leon_edited_edited_edited.png

Fine Art Auction, Manila


Despite last-minute questions of provenance on some pieces, León Gallery’s The Magnificent September Auction pushed through at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Conference Center on Sept. 28, achieving a host of firsts for the nascent local auction market scene.

Out of 154 lots, the biggest number of works to be offered for auction in the country, León Gallery sold 152 works, with a total gross of just over P100 million.


When tentatively asked to give a rough estimate of the auction’s total gross, Jaime Ponce de León of León Gallery gave the complete auction results without any qualms.

Fetching the highest bid was the piece featured on the cover of the auction catalogue—a 2007 acrylic painting titled “Barefoot Gentleman,” by National Artist Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera. From a starting bid of P1.1 million, the work was sold for P7.7 million.

The late Anita Magsaysay-Ho’s untitled inkblot piece came in second at the final selling price of P7.1 million.

Other high-selling obras were Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo’s “Barcos… en el Horizonte” and Jorge Pineda’s controversial “Las Buyeras,” which were sold for P6.7 million and P5.8 million, respectively.


Complaints, regrets 

“Las Buyeras” won the bronze medal at  the 1904 World’s Fair and is said to have two copies. The descendants of Pineda approached the Philippine Daily Inquirer, claiming that the one they had in their possession was the piece that won the prize at the 1904 World’s Fair.

León Gallery issued a notice to bidders about the development, but maintained that the piece to be auctioned off was authentic and revealed that “the distinguished gentleman” who owned the piece was actually the late National Artist for Literature Alejandro Roces, also a former education secretary and president of Far Eastern University.

Another Pineda piece, “Chongka,” sold for P1.1 million, from the starting price of P240,000.

Another controversy was regarding “Heart Assemblage,” a painting originally labeled as a work of Santiago Bose. The family of the late Baguio artist had contested the authenticity of the piece so that León withdrew the piece. The opening bid was to start at P120,000.

Lilledeshan Bose, the artist’s daughter, posted on her blog on Sept. 26 that the work was, in fact, by performance artist Rene Aquitania and originally shown at Café Amapola in Baguio in the 1980s. When the building housing the café-gallery was sold, the work was apparently mistakenly labeled as a Bose, since he had worked with and influenced other Baguio artists.

Ponce de León said the work’s owner was Wahoo Guerrero.

“Léon Gallery regrets, though, that the image and details  included in the auction catalogue had already been printed and released before  the receipt of the formal complaint. León Gallery has already sent a letter to the Bose family informing them of the withdrawal of the piece, and maintains open communication lines with them,” said the gallery.




Although the work couldn’t be removed from the catalogue anymore, it was withdrawn from the auction preview on Sept. 23, said León.


Cruz, Ventura, Esquillo

While works of the masters had been expected to fetch notable amounts, equally impressive—if not more impressive—were the high prices fetched by works of younger artists such as Jigger Cruz and Ronald Ventura, whose paintings were sold for no less than seven digits.

From P30,000, Cruz’s oil-on-canvas “Colors” soared  to P1.4 million, while Ventura’s “La Guapa” was sold for a handsome P6.5 million from P450,000.



“COLORS,” by Jigger Cruz, sold for P1.4million


Alfredo Esquillo’s “Daang Ligid Krus” (1996), a 73” x 65” painting that won the Asean Art Award and the Philip Morris Art Award, was sold for P3.7 million.

Other striking final bids were for the works of Macario Vitalis (P2.5 million); Fernando Amorsolo (P3.5 millon); and Fernando Zobel (P4.4 million).

A prized Hispano-Philippine crucifix made of ivory, silver and kamagong, from the collection of Ramon and Cecille Blanco-Mitra, also fetched a noteworthy P2.3 million.

Although the outcome of the auction was mostly positive, some pieces did not fare as well as the others. While one of two Justiniano Asuncion works on paper sold for P700,800 (from P450,000), the other had no takers. (The unsold Asuncion and the withdrawn Bose were the two unsold works from the 154-lot auction.)

A sizable painting by Constantino Zicarelli also paled in comparison to other works as it did not go far from its starting bid of P30,000. The piece was acquired at P35,040.

Presided over by English auctioneer Brian Hodgson, The Magnificent September Auction was light and lively all throughout. Despite the crowded venue, clients sat through the heat and tight space for a chance of going home with a sought-after piece.

Too long



“MAN with the Red Band,” by Onib Olmedo, sold for P373,760


A satisfied buyer who requested anonymity expressed his joy for having won the sculpture he had been eyeing since the auction’s preview that ran Sept. 23-27.

“I have loved that sculpture since I first saw it at the gallery. Leave it to León Gallery to bring a healthy mix of old master and contemporary art in one auction,” he said.

Another collector provided his insights on the auction, but did not quite share the same sentiments as those who went home happy with their purchases.

The buyer recounted how he and his wife could not finish the auction.

“I think the auction was too long. León Gallery should limit the entire event to three hours,” he said. He was quick to add, though, that he found the sales remarkable. “I am very impressed that the Vitalis sold high, along with the Hispano-Filipino cross.”

Adding to the clients’ excitement was seeing the reactions of BenCab and sculptor Ramon Orlina as their works were auctioned off.

Despite the controversies attending the auction, the bidding was brisk, even fierce, and the atmosphere was vibrant. Ultimately it was a triumph for Philippine art—and the art industry.


Read more: 

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Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Celebrations concluded with the exclusive sale of the Ultimate Jewel

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Martell Cordon Bleu’s year-long centenary celebrations culminated in the sale of the outstanding and exclusive anniversary bottle, The Ultimate Jewel, on 14 December 2012 in Hotel Waldorf Astoria, Shanghai. Benoît Fil, Martell cellar master, and 100 VIP guests and media from across Asia were present at the gala dinner specially prepared for the occasion by Pascal Nebout, Martell chef.


Champagne eau-de-vie which composed part of the blend incorporated in the first Cordon Bleu reserve on the 2nd of August 1912, was sold for 80,000 usd. To mark this momentous occasion, Benoit Fil had also selected five of some of the best Borderies Millésimes (1974, 1978, 1979, 1982 and 1988), which were sold individually, reaching a total of 71,000 usd. The 151,000 usd raised will be donated to the Arts Network Asia (ANA), a non-profit organization that encourages and supports regional artistic collaboration across borders in Asia.


Following the exceptional celebrations launch at the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco on the 22nd of March 2012 and the numerous events held worldwide along all the year, this exclusive sale has been an extraordinary way to conclude Martell Cordon Bleu’s celebrations of its 100th anniversary.


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Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association Annual Charity Handbag Auction

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November 15th 2012

Dragon-i , Central, Hong Kong

For the 5th year Hong Kong Auctons and professional auctioneer Brian Hodgson conducted this auction. A record amount of over HK$400,000 was raised to help the charity. Brian also has diabetes although admittenly no longer a juvenile. ' its one of the most rewarding auctions I conduct , to see all the excited ladies (and some men) bidding for the bag of their dreams and helping a great cause '

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City of Joy Charity Auction

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At the Four Seasons Hotel , Hong Kong the movers and shakers of the city's Indian community attended the Grand Ball to pledge there support for the less fortunate. The auction turned out to be most lucative especially with the help of Bollywood star, Abhishek Bachchan who was on stage with Auctioneer Brian Hodgson to help raise the bids. 

SCMP November 10th 2012.p

Photos courtesy of Ali Ghorbani



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Dada Bar and lounge Auction for Rehabilitation Power

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Anniversary party at Dada Bar + Lounge on Aug 8, 2012. There was the chairman's speech, unveiling of a brand new corporate video, toasting, lucky draws, auctions for Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, live music, food and drinks.

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Great Chefs - Heep Hong Charity 21st Anniversary event

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The incomparable culinary experience, Heep Hong’s annual fund raising eventThe Great Chefs of Hong Kong, returns to the Grand Hyatt for the event's 21st anniversary to the delight of Hong Kong gastronomists. Renowned chefs, hotels, wine suppliers and entertainers donate their time, energy and produce to the event, year after year, because they recognise Heep Hong Society to be a worthy cause. All proceeds go to the charity ensuring that local children with special needs receive timely education and training service.

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No Ordinary Art Fair: Hong Kong Contemporary Prepares for Spectacular Debut

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Park Lane Hotel Causeway Bay | May 18 – 20, 2012


Hong Kong Contemporary is firmly on its way to becoming the must-attend art fair during the Hong Kong Art week in May. Though Hong Kong Contemporary runs concurrently with the longstanding, prestigious Hong Kong International Art Fair and Christie’s Auction - it is clear that this debut art fair is no ordinary affair. 


Leading the way with a bold new concept, Hong Kong Contemporary ( will showcase at the Park Lane Hong Kong in the heart of bustling Causeway Bay. Here, gallery owners will display their artwork in tastefully furnished hotel suites, while also staying at the Park Lane hotel as guests themselves. Gallery owners are embracing this concept across Asia, according to Hong Kong Contemporary’s director, Roger Lin.


“Gallery owners are throwing their support behind this popular and highly successful trend of exhibiting work out of hotels,” Mr. Lin says, “It is a new concept of showing and selling artworks, and it is growing in popularity in Asia over the past few years.”


This method of exhibition helps facilitate a more relaxed interaction between the gallery owner and client, and provides an intimate and attractive setting for the art works to be showcased. In addition, gallery owners are taking advantage of the cost effectiveness of promoting work in Hong Kong itself. Currently, it is the world’s leading art market according to auction turnover and significantly, unlike Mainland China, no tax exists on the import and export of art.


“We aim to create an art fair that is fresh, trendy, and accessible,” Mr. Lin says, “By setting up a platform for Hong Kong artists and galleries to exchange information and ideas with international galleries, we hope to promote Hong Kong art and bring it to an international level.”


Unlike conventional hotel fairs, Hong Kong Contemporary will launch two special exhibitions: “Passionate Dynamics” curated by New York based curator Elga Wimmer (Chief Curator of Chelsea Art Museum, New York), and a special solo exhibition of Korean Movie Star, renowned visual artist, Ha Jung-woo (The Chaser [2008], The Client [2011], Berlin [in production]). Additionally, Hong Kong Auctions Limited will host an exclusive art auction for Hong Kong Contemporary on May 20th. Each participating gallery will submit one piece of artwork for auction.

Auctioneer Brian Hodgson says "We are very much looking forward to auctioning this wonderful collection of art. The auction will be fast and exciting and for those who are new to auctions I am sure they will have a great experince"

To further raise the event’s profile and to support local Hong Kong art, Hong Kong Contemporary will launch the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award - a competition open to all Hong Kong artists with a Hong Kong permanent ID. A panel of judges, including art collectors and academics, will present the prize to the winner on opening day (May 18th, 2012).


Mark your calendar for Hong Kong Contemporary: May 18 to 20, 2012.


For more information visit:


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Tips for attending an Auction

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Article for Magazine relating to Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair May 18 to 20, 2012

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Swiss Auctions returns with Hong Kong Spring Sale of important timepieces

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Swiss Auctions returns with Hong Kong Spring Sale of important timepieces, featuring independent watchmakers


DKSH Hong Kong Ltd.

Date: April 2, 2012


 After the remarkable success of its Premier Auction in October 2011, Swiss Auction is set to hold its next sale of memorable timepieces on May 7, 2012 in Hong Kong. Leveraging on DKSH’s long tradition and outstanding expertise in the growing Asian luxury watch segment, Swiss Auctions will make rare timepieces “shine” in Asia – and around the globe through its new online real-time-bidding system “Swiss Auctions LIVE”. Besides new and vintage watches of renowned luxury brands, Swiss Auctions’ Spring Sale will feature unique pieces from members of the “Horological Academy of Independent Creators”.

Gonpo Tsering, Head Operations Support, DKSH Holding, remarks: “Swiss Auctions is not only the platform for watch collectors to communicate and exchange opinions on collectibles; it has also become a bridge for promoting Swiss watchmaking culture and unique watchmaking techniques. The auction itself is a special culture. We are delighted to welcome the three independent watchmakers from AHCI, who will bring inspirations and excitement to the Asian watch market. At the same time, we are confident to bring you more wonderful surprises in our Spring Sale and in our following auctions.”

 Launch of real-time online bidding system

Together with its Spring Sale, Swiss Auctions proudly launches its renewed Webpage, accessible under The new online platform provides improved services and user-friendly features for its users. The new core feature is Swiss Auctions LIVE, an online real-time bidding system, which allows watch collectors to place bids online during the actual sale, from where they are located around the world. With its latest innovation, Swiss Auctions is looking forward to even more passionate bidding activities during the sale, from both the audience on the auction floor as well as from bidders joining the auctioneering online.


 About Swiss Auctions – a new limelight of DKSH

Swiss Auctions is a new activity of DKSH’s Business Segment Luxury & Lifestyle. Based on DKSH’s extensive network and experience in the Swiss and Asian luxury watch segment, Swiss Auctions is a specialized platform in auctioneering of important timepieces. With offices and service centers in Switzerland and in more than ten countries across Asia Pacific, Swiss Auctions provides a wide range of professional services to both consignors and buyers of luxury watches.


 Swiss Auctions will be holding two sales in Hong Kong in 2012, combining the fascinating world of exclusive timepieces with a sphere of glamour and luxury, making the auctions an exciting and memorable event for both experienced watch collectors and newcomers.

 On October 5, 2011, Swiss Auctions conducted its Premier Sale of important timepieces at Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, and featured 260 pieces of modern and pre-owned pieces from special and private collections. The debut auction fetched a promising total of HKD 23.4 million (approximately USD 3 million).


About DKSH

DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services Group with a focus on Asia. As the term "Market Expansion Services" suggests, DKSH helps other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets.

With 650 business locations in 35 countries – 630 of them in Asia – and over 24,000 specialized staff, it is one of the top 20 Swiss companies ranked by sales and employees. In 2011, DKSH generated Net Sales of CHF 7.3 billion.

Since 1897, DKSH has been marketing and distributing luxury watches in Asia – a true pioneer of the Swiss watch industry. Today, DKSH’s Business Segment Luxury & Lifestyle covers more than ten countries throughout Asia Pacific and operates its own industrial watch manufacturing facilities in Switzerland. A dedicated team of specialists offers Market Expansion Services for a wide range of renowned luxury watch brands and has over the years gained a strong track record in building and growing the market of great brands in Asia.


 About AHCI and the members featured at Swiss Auctions

AHCI, the Horological Academy of Independent Creators, has since its foundation in 1984 devoted itself to manual and artistic watch-making and traditional craftsmanship. Members of the AHCI are true horologists who develop themselves highly innovative master pieces in limited quantities.

 Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, Marc Jenni from Zurich, Switzerland, successfully created “Prologue” – a uniquely simple watch, yet a world’s first. It is the world’s first lateral operated watch. Just by pressing the large selector button, the wearer can handily adjust the winding, date-setting and time-setting functions, and experience the creativity and originality of the watch.


 Aaron Bescei is the third generation of a watchmaking realm. With his profound knowledge in engineering and authenticity, he created Toubillon No 2, a tourbillon clock featuring a perpetual calendar system, which will surely make the highlight of the auction.

 Aniceto Jimenez Pita from Barcelona, Spain, is a devoted watchmaker who, at BASELWORLD 2012, presented the Oceana 2000 featuring water resistance up to 2000 meters. Housed in a water-entry free case made of titanium, the movement is equipped with two patented systems – the Pita-TSM (Time Setting Mechanism) and the Pita-RT (Remote Transmission), which allows the wearer to adjust the time under water. Apart from the Oceana 2000, Pita has also designed a new collection for wedding couples, featuring a pair of 18K yellow gold Minimal watches for the husband and wife, together with a pair of 18K yellow gold rings.


 Swiss Auctions Hong Kong Spring Sale

Venue:            Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

 Preview:         Friday, May 4, 2012: 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday, May 5, 2012: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday, May 6, 2012: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Auction:          Monday, May 7, 2012 (Monday)

                      Session One: 11 a.m.

Session Two: 3 p.m.

 Interested parties please click on for more information.


For further information, please contact:

 DKSH Hong Kong

PR agency: Trinity International Limited

Tel: +852 3583 3100

Fax: +852 3583 1331


Contact persons: Miss Helena Hui (+852 9534 0813)

or Miss Jackie Liu (+852 3583 3300)

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Spring Wine and Whisky Auction

siga-siga Zobel leon_edited_edited_edited.png


Hong Kong, 2 April  2012 – Hong Kong Auctions ltd, a local home-grown auction house in Hong Kong, announced today that it will host its Spring auction of fine wines and rare Scotch Single Malt whiskies on the 21st April 2012, anchored by French and Hong Kong rare collections including  Bordeaux and Burgundies. The auction will be held at the Club Lusitano, Hong Kong at 2:00PM local Hong Kong time.

 The selection opens with a collection of Old World wines from a local collectors who have chosen, purchased, and stored perfectly. In all cases the consignors are creating space for the arrival of recent purchases.

Following there are exceptional lots of the greatest names in Australian fine wine. These include impeccably well stored wines such as Torbreck, Greennock Creek and Penfold's, some approaching a drinkable age, but all with the capacity to continue developing for many years to come.

The final section of the auction features over 60 lots of very rare Single Malt Whisky dating back to the 1940s. The rarity and uniqueness can not be overstated here.

The remarkable selection of wine and whiskies that will be available at the auction include:  a vertical of Penfold’s Grange in Magnum, case lots of DRC, Ponsot, and Dujac, a 5L bottle of Petrus 1982, a case of 1928 Chateau Lafite Rothschild,  50 Year Old Glenfarclas,  The Macallan 1946, Torbreck Run Rig 2004.

Robert Temple, Director, Hong Kong Auctions, comments:

“Working in the wine industry since 1986 has given me the opportunity to taste some great wines and spirits.  The selection I have chosen for this auction represents some of best of the Old and New World, and of course, it is thrilling to have such a broad range of magnificent Scotch whisky.  Tasting through some of the Australian wines revealed many stunning examples of quality and longevity.

 Collectors from around the world can take part in the upcoming sale with absentee bids or in real time via a online bidding platform.

  An e-catalogue with a complete list of wines and whiskies for auction is available at:


 Notes to Editors:

1.  Hong Kong Auctions Ltd was established in Hong Kong in 2006 providing full auction services for fine art , fine wine and charity auctions.  An auctioneer since 2000, Managing Director Brian Hodgson conducts over 50 auctions a year Hong Kong and across Asia.

2.  Rob Temple, Director, started his career in the fine wine industry in 1986 in Oxford, England, where he managed several fine wine stores in the UK.  In Australia, he managed marketing programs for two international five star hotel groups. Moving to Hong Kong in 1993. He has held senior positions with wine distributors.  Rob joined the board of directors for Hong Kong Auctions in 2011.

3. Notes on Provenance:

Lots 1-54 : Lots 1-54 are from a greatly respected local wine connoisseur who is creating space in his cellar for the arrival of newly purchased wines.

All wines have been purchased from excellent sources in Europe, much through the en primeur channel. The wines have been stored in recent years at Crown Wine Cellar.

Lots 55- 101 : are from a long time collector and one-time wine trader living in Hong Kong. All Bordeaux lots were purchased en primeur and until very recently were stored in UK broker storage. Please note that lots 84-91 are currently in bonded storage in Europe but can be shipped to Hong Kong at no charge.

Lots 102 – 142 : have been consigned by a local wine company which has operated here for many years. All stocks have been stored impeccably.

Lots 143 – 237 : The New World wine stocks have been consigned by an investment company which purchased the wines from producers at the time of release, and have stored the wines in in perfect conditions. Samples from this consignment have revealed extraordinary quality.

Lots 238-305 : All the Single Malt Whisky from Scotland have been consigned by a renowned collector and dealer resident in Asia. His expertise is well recognised in the industry.




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Charity Bachelor Auction - Sands , Macau - VIDEO

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Bachelor Auction

It certainly wasn’t a typical day at work for these men. Each of these eligible bachelors found themselves up for grabs, all in aid of charity of course, at Macau’s First Annual Bachelor Auction.

The event attracted a delighted crowd of women hoping to score a romantic dinner date with a man of their choosing. Also up for auction were a number of signed memorabilia items – including one item from Michael Jackson. HK$100,000 was raised for local charities, with the funds distributed by the International Ladies Club of Macau. 


See Video HERE

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Rotary District Wine Auction

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1st Rotary District Wine Tasting and Auction

Over 200 Rotarians from Hong Kong had a great evening at the First District Wine Tasting and Auction event on 23rd November 2011. It was great fellowship and a fine selection of wines to be bid on whilst contributing to charity.

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Fine Wine Auction for Charity

siga-siga Zobel leon_edited_edited_edited.png
July 9th Fine Wine Auction for Charity.

In aid of the FAMILIES OF SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) CHARITABLE TRUST a Charity Fine Wine Dinner & Auction was held at the Jockey Club in Happy Valley Hong Kong.

Over 200 guests enjoyed some fine wines a fashion show and a exciting auction of wines.  This is the third year that Hong Kong Auctions has been invited to be the auctioneer and the company is pleased to support such a worthwhile cause

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Fine Wine Auction

siga-siga Zobel leon_edited_edited_edited.png

Brian Hodgson will be the auctioneer for a sale of over 200 lots of fine wines.
A special selection of fine wines with excellent  provenance will be on offer.
Highlights include : 
Chateau Lafite Rothschild , 1982, 2003 and 2005 ,  Chateau Latour 2000, and  Chateau Margaux 2000.


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Concert for Japan

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Asia Tatler - Concert for Japan

April 11th 2011.

A concert for Japan was held at the Four Seasons Grand Ballroom , Hong Kong.

Over US$ 300,000  was raised for the Earthquake victims of Japan.  The audience was wowed with the performance of Japanese star ,  Yuto Miyazawa.

Brian Hodgson of Hong Kong Auctions conducted the succesful live auction.

See pictures in Asia Tatler

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Rotary Charity Handbag Auction

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Annual Charity Handbag Auction

News- February 8th 2011

For the second year the Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile will be the beneficary of a Charity Handbag auction.

There will be nearly 100 bags on offer for bids. The branded luxury handbags have all been donated and 100% of the funds raised will benefit chosen charities.

Last years event held at IFC 2 was a great sucess and over 100 ladies bid furiously on the great slection of bags from all brands. Champaign and nibbles were on offer and the Rotary Club was pleased to be able to make a donation to two charities.

Again this year bags will be available online to view and leave bids for those not able to attend in person.

Date:     Wednesday 30th March

Time:     Auction: 7pm   Preview: 6pm

Where:  IFC2 ,Central , Hong Kong

RSVP required since space is limited.-  E-   T- +852 29152066  W-   

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Memorabilia Auction

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Christmas Memorabilia Auction


Art of Music, Las Vegas, Nevada, the leading provider of value added authenticated  items to dealers & collectors of high value-collectibles in the US, today announced that they will in association with Hong Kong Auctions LTD conduct a  Auction in Hong Kong  on  December 11th , 2010 to expand international services in the collecting of memorabilia worldwide.  This auction delivers hand signed music, movie, sports, political, & rare one of a kind historic pieces as well as used,  & owned nostalgic items by famous celebrities .  All these one of a kind treasure will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  


100 items for auction.

For several years Art of Music has been increasing its focus on integrating its authenticate collectibles into the Asian market.
Keith Veltre CEO of Art of Music said “This association  with Hong Kong Auction LTD will provide the Asian customer with a wider assortment of rare autograph collectibles which  they do currently do not have  the opportunity to come across everyday.  
This partnership will deliver a full time presence for Art of Music to lay a foundation to be recognized as the leading provider of authentic memorabilia in Asia.”
Brian Hodgson , Auctioneer , Hong Kong Auctions Limited
“We are most excited to conduct this public auction of memorabilia in Hong Kong. There are some most unique items which would make ideal Christmas gifts"
All items can be previewed at The Royal Plaza Hotel from 12 noon on the day of the auction                                                             
Highlights of the  auction include – the signed albulm from The Beatles and Elvis, the signed movie posters of Transformers, Iron Man, and Titanic,  Manchester United, Chelsea  and Liverpool’s Jersey, Marilyn Monroe gloves, Bruce Sprinsteen guitar and many other lots.
There will be 100 items available to choose from .  More information can be provided at the .  
Auction and Preview:  Dec 11th  2010

Location: La Fontana, Lobby Level , Royal Plaza Hotel ,

193 Prince Edward Road West ,  Kowloon , Hong Kong.

Auction organize by: Hong Kong Auction Limited see

Free entry to the Public

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Parties on FINDS countdown to relocation

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HK -  August 25th 2010

Parties on FINDS’ Countdown to Relocation
After 6 years as an iconic fixture on Wyndham Street, FINDS will soon relocate to The Luxe Manor, a stylish boutique hotel in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. 

Having pioneered Nordic cuisine, fresh fruit martinis and Molecular Mixology in Hong Kong, FINDS has long been a favourite of the city’s sexy and stylish set. A darling of interior design magazines, travel shows, and high-profile events, FINDS has carved a reputation as a creative and inspired lifestyle destination.

FINDS’ festive farewell-to-Wyndham proceeds with The Grand Charity Auction. On 25 August, Wednesday, Master Auctioneer and funnyman Brian Hodgson will lead guests through a parade of FINDS memorabilia meant to be both kooky and nostalgic. Couches on which many a celebrity tush have reclined will go down the hammer, and so are a couple of memorabilia from FINDS founder Colette Koo; "kitchen VIPs" from Executive Chef Jaakko Sorsa; FINDS' iconic crystal chandeliers, feather lamps, wine birdcage, turquoise banquettes and gilded mirrors; and a full dining set from iittala's TAIKA collection, designed by Klaus Haapaniemi, who has designed prints for D&G, Cacharel, Levis, Diesel, and more.

The auction is for a lark, a laugh and a good cause. Proceeds will benefit the Hong Kong Cancer Fund.  There is no registration fee, and the starting bid for all lots is HKD100. Viewing of lots begins at 5.30pm and Live Auction begins at 8pm.
“Champagne Meets Scandinavia” – The FINDS Cookbook History Dinner happens on 28 August, Saturday. Prepare for a gastronomic journey through 6 years of FINDS culinary excellence. Executive Chef and Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards nominated author (for ‘SCAPAS DINING’) Jaakko Sorsa presents an exquisite 6-course meal paired with 6 specially chosen boutique champagnes from The Champagne House - the star selection being a vintage 1983 Diebolt - Vallois Millésime Blanc De Blancs.

Priced at a friendly $998 net per head, it’s the perfect meal to enjoy at FINDS before it relocates. Champagne aperitif begins at 7pm. Dinner is served at 7.30pm. Limited spaces available, so make sure you book your table in advance thru / (852) 2522 9318

On 11 September, Saturday, FINDS celebrates its final trading day with a party billed: FINDS Alive! The Graffiti Gala . It will feature international artists, the DJs who have kept the party spirit alive and kicking throughout six years, and a slammin’ good time. It’s your last chance to party at FINDS – before its Grand Opening at The Luxe Manor in late November. No better day, as they say, to “Live a FINDS Life!”

FINDS • 2/F LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central •
Party enquiries: • (852) 2123 1558

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Bruce Lee NumChucks for Auction

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Bruce Lee Numchucks for Auction

South China Morning Post , City P2

25th September 2010

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Auction of memorabilia in Cinema

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Leading US Memorabilia Company announces Auction in Hong Kong


Leading US Memorabilia Company announces Auction in Hong Kong

Press Release Source:  Art of Music on Wednesday, September 22nd 2010


Leading US Memorabilia Company announces Auctions in Hong Kong.

 Art of Music, Las Vegas, Nevada, the leading provider of value added authenticated  items to dealers & collectors of high value-collectibles in the US, today announced that they will in association with Hong Kong Auctions LTD conduct a  Auction in Hong Kong  on  October 9th, 2010 to expand international services in the collecting of memorabilia worldwide.  This auction delivers hand signed music, movie, sports, political, & rare one of a kind historic pieces as well as used,  & owned nostalgic items by famous celebrities .  All these one of a kind treasure will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  

For several years Art of Music has been increasing its focus on integrating its authenticate collectibles into the Asian market.

Keith Veltre CEO of Art of Music said “This association  with Hong Kong Auction LTD will provide the Asian customer with a wider assortment of rare autograph collectibles which  they do currently do not have  the opportunity to come across everyday.  


This partnership will deliver a full time presence for Art of Music to lay a foundation to be recognized as the leading provider of authentic memorabilia in Asia.”


Brian Hodgson , Auctioneer , Hong Kong Auctions Limited


“We are most excited to conduct this first ever public auction of memorabilia in Hong Kong.  The cooperation with UA Cinemas makes this meaningful as the auction members of the public will be able to view the items for two weeks previous at UA Cityplaza’s Art Gallery.”


Before auction date, there will be a 2 week’s public preview of selected items in the Art Gallery of UA Cityplaza.  “UA Cinemas is glad to be the 1st cinema to display these memorabilia items, we hope this can bring in more extraordinary elements and selections to moviegoers in Hong Kong. We also feel exciting about Art of Music and HK Auctions have selected UA Cityplaza for their auction event.”


Highlights of the gallery preview and auction include – the signed CDs from The Beatles and Elvis, the signed movie posters of Transformers, Iron Man, Titanic, Bruce Lee’s Numchucks, Manchester United and Liverpool’s Jersey and etc.


There will be close to 200 items available to choose from the above listed genres.  More information can be provided at the .  



Gallery Preview: Sep 24, 2010 to Oct 8, 2010

Location: UA Cityplaza

Auction organize by: Hong Kong Auction Limited see


Auction Date: Oct 9, 2010

Auction Time: 2:30pm to 6:30pm

Location: UA Cityplaza,5/F Cityplaza, 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Taikoo Shing, Island East , Hong Kong

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Video: Charity Bachelor auction- Sands Casino, Macau

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Charity Wine Aucion

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May 31st 2010 - Evening-Charity Wine Auction-

For the second year Hong Kong Auctions was invited to conduct a Charity wine auction at the Marriot Hotel to benefit Families of Muscular Atrophy in Hong Kong.

A wonderful selection of wines were on offer and Founder and President of the Charity Ms Mei Ling Fok wrote,

" Once again thank you for a job well done. I think a critical role of a live auctioneer is to be able to stir up a " feeding frenzy " amongst the audience and I think you have sucessfully done that - we raised much more than our target and I think we have raised the stakes again ! "

 Record bids were made by the many guests who enjoyed the auction , wonderful food and entertainment.

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Record Price for Petrus 1949

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New record for Château Petrus 1949

May 31st  at Sands Casino, Macau auctioneer Brian Hodgson sold a mint condition  magnum bottle of Petrus 1949 for a record of USD 21,240
Hodgson said – “I am most pleased with this result for our consignor to Hong Kong Auctions first wine auction in Macau. The buyer was from Macau and we were contented with the general bidding on the evening. A percentage of the auction sales was donated to the local charities through the International Ladies Club of Macau “

Hong Kong Auctions next wine auction will be on the 6th July 2010 at the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong


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Five Auctions in Five Days

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Hong Kong auctions conduct a record FIVE auctions in 5 days.


Starting on Wednesday 21st April with a Charity Handbag Auction to raise funds for children in need, those suffering from Cancer and those needy in Cambodia.  Organized with the Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile over 120 branded pre-owned handbags were auctioned at a banks office in the IFC building. Champaign was flowing all night and everyone had great fun and helped bag a bag and be charitable at the same time.


Friday 23rd April saw auctioneer Brian Hodgson conduct the 3rd Spring Fling Juvenile Diabetics Dinner at Hong Kong Football club. The venue was transformed into a fine opera house. Over HK$ 2.5 million was raised for the charity.


Saturday 24th Californian Boutique wines were on offer at the J.W Marriot hotel where 30 lots of wines were auctioned to benefit Hong Kong’s Cancer Fund                                                                            

Sunday 25th began early with an auction of fine wines for Spectrum Wines from the US. The auction started at 11.30am with an auctioneer in California and Brian Hodgson at Crown Wine Cellars. Seven hours later and without any break Hodgson was still calling, a record for him. The auction was a great success with bidding support from both continents.


Sunday 25th in the evening saw a quick change in to black tie for the Jewish Women’s Association Annual Dinner. The highlight of the auction was bidding for an hour with the Chief Rabbi of Israel.  The dinner was a great success with wonderful entertainment and a warm family atmosphere.


By the end of the night Hodgson was ready for a rest!

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Charity Bachelor Auction- Sands Casino Macau.

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The first Annual Bachelor Auction held at The View , Sands Casino , September 2009.

It certainly wasn’t a typical day at work for these men. Each of these eligible bachelors found themselves up for grabs, all in aid of charity of course, at Macau’s First Annual Bachelor Auction.


The event attracted a delighted crowd of women hoping to score a romantic dinner date with a man of their choosing. Also up for auction were a number of signed memorabilia items – including one item from Michael Jackson. HK$100,000 was raised for local charities, with the funds distributed by the International Ladies Club of Macau.

Media Sponsor - Aomen TV

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Violin Auction - first in Hong Kong

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South China Morning Post 2nd June 2009 - Violin Auction reported the first auction of classical vilolins , some selling in excess of HK$3 million


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Charity Wine Auction

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Charity Wine Auction-  Excellent list of wines provided to benefit Families of Muscular Atrophy in Hong Kong.

Record bids were made by the many guests whom attended and enjoyed the auction , wonderful food and entertainment.


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Macau Charity Auction - Video

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Video- Venetian Auction 2009


The Venetian , Macao February 2009

Charity Auction-  All the excitement of the auction!

See Video Here



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Obama Contemporary painting for auction

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SCMP Sep.16, 2008 "Celebrate Hong Kong Gala" : Bidding on contemporary painting Obama44

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Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile Ball

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Annual Ball for the Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile , Auctioneer Brian Hodgson has been a member of this club since 1993. 

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Rotary Club Ball

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Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile Annual Ball- Charity Auction June 2007.

Auctioneer and Club member goes for gold in calling the bids.

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Hong Kong Heriditary Breast Cancer Charity Auction

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Hereditary Breast Cancer Charity Auction November 2007

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Ming Pao News Paper Company Profile

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Ming Pao Newspaper- Profile 29th May 2007

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Live Auctioneers Breaks into Asian Market with Hong Kong Auctions.

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LiveAuctioneers Breaks into Asian Market Feb 2007

Press Release 12th February 2007 - USA  
LiveAuctioneers breaks into Asian market, provides live online bidding for Hong Kong auction house
Feb. 12, 2007

NEW YORK ? Manhattan-based eBay Live Auctions facilitator has announced the signing of its first Asian client, Hong Kong Auctions Ltd. This milestone marks the first time that eBay Live Auctions will be used in Hong Kong.

"LiveAuctioneers is committed to bringing live online bidding capabilities to auction houses worldwide," says LiveAuctioneers CEO Julian Ellison. "With the signing of Hong Kong Auctions, LiveAuctioneers has officially broken ground in the Asian marketplace. We look forward to expanding our presence in Asia and other destinations across the globe."

According to Ellison, there is unlimited potential for the company's growth in Asia, as it includes several of the world's fastest-growing economies. LiveAuctioneers currently serves auction houses in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Founded in November 2002, Manhattan-based LiveAuctioneers provides real-time Internet bidding capability, in association with eBay Live Auctions, to more than 540 auction houses. On average, auctioneers using LiveAuctioneers?catalog and online-bidding services note an immediate 15 to 35 percent increase to their gross auction results. For further information, log on to

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Headline Daily - Company Profile

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Headline Daily Monday 12th February 2007

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Apple Daily Company Profile 2007

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Apple Daily Monday 8th January 2007

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HKEJ Company Profile 2006

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Hong Kong Economic Journal 5th December 2006

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Christina Noble Charity Foundation 2006 Ball

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Christina Noble Charity Foundation 2006

Christina Noble Children's Foundation

October 28th, 2006  

10th Anniversary Diamond Ball, Conrad Hotel , Hong Kong

Brian Hodgson was the auctioneer at this famous fund raising Ball.

Items sold include  a U2 Guitar , a Diamond Braclet and signed pictures of George Clooney , Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. Over HK$600,000 was raised.

Article In Tatler magazine

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Australian International School Ball 2006

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Australian International School Ball 2006

Australian International School Ball

September 2006

Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel , Hong Kong.

Brian Hodgson was the auctioneer for this event. Some very special items for auction including the chance to be a Principle for a day   

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HK General Chamber of Commerce Ball 2003

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Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Charity Ball 2003

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