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Auction of memorabilia in Cinema

September 22, 2010

Leading US Memorabilia Company announces Auction in Hong Kong


Leading US Memorabilia Company announces Auction in Hong Kong

Press Release Source:  Art...

Parties on FINDS countdown to relocation

October 25, 2010

HK -  August 25th 2010

Parties on FINDS’ Countdown to Relocation
After 6 years as an iconic fixture on Wyndham Street, FINDS will soon rel...

Charity Wine Aucion

May 31, 2010

May 31st 2010 - Evening-Charity Wine Auction-

For the second year Hong Kong Auctions was invited to conduct a Charity wine auction at the Marriot Hotel...

Record Price for Petrus 1949

May 31, 2010

New record for Château Petrus 1949

May 31st  at Sands Casino, Macau auctioneer Brian Hodgson sold a mint condition  magnum bottle of Petrus 1949 for a...

Five Auctions in Five Days

April 21, 2010

Hong Kong auctions conduct a record FIVE auctions in 5 days.


Starting on Wednesday 21st April with a Charity Handbag Auction to raise funds for childr...

Charity Bachelor Auction- Sands Casino Macau.

September 19, 2009

The first Annual Bachelor Auction held at The View , Sands Casino , September 2009.

It certainly wasn’t a typical day at work for these men. Each of th...

Charity Wine Auction

June 1, 2009

Charity Wine Auction-  Excellent list of wines provided to benefit Families of Muscular Atrophy in Hong Kong.

Record bids were made by the many guests...

Macau Charity Auction - Video

February 5, 2009

Video- Venetian Auction 2009


The Venetian , Macao February 2009

Charity Auction-  All the excitement of the auction!

See Video Here



Violin Auction - first in Hong Kong

June 22, 2009

South China Morning Post 2nd June 2009 - Violin Auction reported the first auction of classical vilolins , some selling in excess of HK$3 million


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